Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How can I...

How can I take myself seriously when I have a small voice at my side reminding me of the joy in life.

Yesterday, I spent the day with my daughter. I was so excited to leave the house after a day of hurricane weather (BTW sending love to all those affected by Irene). So, Marielle and I headed into "town" to got the free library for a story reading. We had a blast; listening, singing, and then playing with the mass of puppets behind the theatre opening.

We walked outside with our tummies grumbling, ready to go out to lunch for our girls day. My stomach sank to the ground when I looked around and said "where is our car?" It took a minute for me to realize that my car was gone. Most likely towed as the lot was half empty. No doubt an end of the month city clean up to gain some revenue. But I had money in the meter! This was all I could mutter.

When I heard that small voice "The wind blew our car away....!"

My heart and soul laughed out loud as I realized what a three year old makes of her world when we just experienced the "big storm." How a simple heart puts two and two together and draws a conclusion. The one that makes the most sense to her.

Well, how can I take myself seriously? How can I be mad when I knew that I had some overdue parking tickets. Boy do they go up when you don't pay them for 10 years! How can I teach her how to "listen to the rules" if I don't do so myself. While a few years ago I would have thrown a temper tantrum; my meditation, yoga, and mindfulness kicked in full force assisting me in remaining calm and centered. I accepted responsibility and did the best I could to make it an adventure for my baby love. I made a mistake and now we had to just deal with it.

A long phone call and a cab ride later. We were in the car headed for some food. (Thank god for mommy big purses with snacks stuck inside!)

Yesterday was a lesson in remembering to accept responsibility and let go of control. I couldn't force anything. I had to let go and be flexible. For me and for her, I had to focus on the joy rather than getting angry and allowing that to ruin my day. Once again, that little voice reminded me that you can make an adventure out of the most unfortunate of events. BTW she adored riding in a cab and talking about our car going to jail because mommy didn't follow the rules. Another side lesson; even mommy makes mistakes.

Here is to not taking ourselves too seriously, letting go, and embracing joy.


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