Artist Statement

An explosion of vibrant color and palpable texture give you a peak into the seasons of my spirit. Constantly changing yet returning to the memory of previous times. I explore the energy of nature and my prints are a celebration of my surroundings and a hazy recollection of my lived experience. A flicker of the every day causes an emotional reaction and settles into my subconscious where it starts to gestate like life deep in the womb.

Each vision calls for its own expression of printmaking; monotype, relief, collograph, drypoint, or a combination. Layer by layer the piece transforms itself until it becomes whole. Like the child in the womb, you think you will recognize it as it emerges. But as the creative mother, I am challenged to let go and allow the process to unfold in order for my work to breathe life. Play and experimentation with the inks leads to the unexpected, which is where my authentic joy exists. The moments where I loose restraint and encounter wonder and surprise is what keeps me engaged in the work.