Monday, July 6, 2009

first day of Vacation

Today I went for a 50 minutes bike ride with my the new bike trailer I got for the babe. It was wonderful and such a gorgeous morning. She was a little uncomfortable with her helmet on, but fell asleep half way through and seemed to enjoy herself. I know I did!

I took advantage of her nap time and cleaned out my studio a little. I found a whole box of paper that I ordered months ago and had not even opened. Yeah! I am so excited to do some printing. I am hoping to spend good quality time with babe going to the beach in the mornings when we have nice weather... and tire her out! that way I can get a decent amount of time to do some printing. It's win win for both of us. Then bike rides in the afternoon.

Too bad that the next two days is forcasted for rain, but the end of the week looks good. So hopefully my plan will work. I have some ideas burning in my head for some monoprints. I have not been able to do any monoprints in months and months. So I am really excited to play around and do some experimenting.

So... the first day was productive. Let's hope it continues.

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