Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A little zen for your Wednesday...

I have been thinking a lot about how our thoughts shape our minds and in turn shapes our reality. How we perceive things based on our already existing beliefs about ourselves and others. Especially when we are stressed, depressed, or anxious, it is harder to see the learning in our experiences and the growth opportunities available to us.

I found this little video that gives some space to think about how powerful the mind and thoughts are and how we CAN influence our experiences by paying attention to what we are thinking and believing. It was produced by Katherine Center.

I believe we all have the capacity to be creative and live our lives passionately. And even with this strong belief, I often get lost in the world of my thoughts; what I think I can or can't do, what I think others want from me, and what makes me afraid.

Living life passionately and creatively means showing up every day and practicing mindfulness to be aware of when I am straying off course, when I lose my center, or when I am starting to doubt myself. When I am having a hard time creating it is often my mind convincing me that I need to be in control, or planting seeds of "not good enough." When this happens all I can do is stop, take a few long deep breaths, and start again.

What do you do when you feel like you have lost your center? What do you do to live your life passionately and creatively?

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