Sunday, August 14, 2011

I know the feeling...

This morning my daughter woke up a little earlier for a Sunday morning. Pre coffee, pre breakfast, pre waking up....she demanded to paint. There are many days I would say "I would love to paint with you, just give me a minute to [insert must do here]." Today I thought, I know that feeling. That feeling that you just have to create something. Like there is a fire in your soul and if you just don't get it out in that moment, it will be lost under all the 'have to dos' of the day.

I looked into her beautiful bright blue eyes and said "yeah, I know that feeling." We got out the paints right that minute and she created this piece, which she described as a "beautiful rainbow." I added the butterfly shape and with that she was satisfied and went onto other things.

I need to paint

By encouraging her creativity, I encouraged my own. The many 'have to' lists can wait until I satisfy my creative soul. Sometimes you just have to stop and paint the roses.

Here is a new one that I presented at the annual CIAO show in July. Thought you might like to take a peek. I have started mounting my monotypes on panel with mixed media to create a faux encaustic style. Utilizing wood panels instead of canvas has opened up the door to printing layers of images because I can send the panels through the press adding several layers of monoprint, relief, and other techniques to achieve more complex pieces.

Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming, mixed media monotype

Have a great Sunday. I hope you are inspired to stop and paint the roses.

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