Saturday, April 4, 2009

Did you think I forgot?

I have been promising to upload some images for a long time and have not been able to get it done. I have been working slowly on this series for a couple of months now. I was inspired by the Cairn jigsaw print that was created by the Baren members and put together by Maria Arango, a fabulous artist in Nevada. I apologize for the quality of the photos. I was not able to scan them properly and only had time to take quick snapshots of them.

I chose to use the silhouette of Mount Mansfield, our largest peak in Vermont. I get to see it every day when I walk out of my farm house. It has always held a special place in my heart and is a vital part of the Vermont scenery.
I carved several blocks and then cut them along the mountain range. I have been able to mix and match to create different pieces. It has been a time of great exploration for me as each piece alters the way I look at the blocks and I have changed some mid-stream. I don't intend to number the addition, however there will only be limited editions of each type of print as they will vary in color and shapes.

I used a very simple style with a whimsical flair to represent several of the things that remind me of Vermont and our culture here in the Green Mountain State. I think I have more to come in this series. I feel some other ideas brewing but have not had enough time to put them down on paper.
Spring has been a nice change in our area, well really it is early spring a.k.a mud season. The warmer weather has been welcomed and it seems to affect everyone positively. I have had more energy lately and hope to put more time in the studio. I have been doing more sketching when an idea strikes me and I hope to continue this practice so that when I have the time to carve and print there are designs ready and waiting to be worked. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to start printing a few new pieces that I had carved a few weeks ago. It felt good to break out the inks and put my press to work.
I hope you enjoy your weekend and have beautiful weather.

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Amy Stoner said...

I loved your prints and am so happy you had time to get into the studio and print! My baby etching press has sat in the corner collecting dust for far too long!

Thanks for adding me on flicker too! I still have to get the hang of that website!