Sunday, November 16, 2008

It has been a long time since I have posted. I have been more busy being a mom than an artist. Every once in awhile I get some free time to do some printing. It is not often that I get a block of time uninterrupted in order to take out the inks. Here is a print in the series I have been working on for some time. I have several blocks carved and have done some test prints. I am pleased with some of the prints, but not all of them. I think not doing art all the time has left me a little rusty. I was in such a groove for several years and there was a certain flow to my work. I am currently in a bit of a rut by not having a lot of time to work. I guess that is the trade off for this year. My daughter is not much of a napper and the days that I am home are mostly devoted to her. The only time I get to do some work is when she is asleep for the night or my husband takes her for some extra time at night to give me some studio time. Right now we are both home with her part time so that we can avoid daycare for the first year. It has been great for her, but there is not much free time or a lot of family time for that matter. I will be sad to put her in daycare when she is one, but she will more likely enjoy the stimulation of the other kids by that age. We will also have more of a regular schedule and more free weekend time. For now, I will just have to settle for less time in the studio.

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