Saturday, March 1, 2008

figuring it out

Well, I can see how people get hooked on these blogs. I added subscription tabs so that anyone can subscibe to my blog by feed or email. I kept changing the style until I landed on this one. I think it suits my personality. Just like myspace I will probably change it a lot, so make sure to keep checking it out! I give credit to all the others on WetCanvas! as they provide so much information that I was able to get some tips on this whole blog/feed deal.

I have not been able to do too much artwork, due to being 37 weeks pregnant. So, I added an older pic of a monotype that I did last spring. This is from my "big Belly" series. It was right before we started working on getting pregnant so big bellies were on my mind.
Not being able to do as much artwork has allowed me time to work on promoting and getting my work out there. I am sure after the baby is born that I will be too tired for anything. However, I think it will be easy enough to keep blogging and update on the progress of parenthood.

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