Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm Moving!

hello all!

I have been working hard to develop the vision for my artistic life and future. After a great deal of soul searching and exploring, I have decided to skip, run, and jaunt in a new direction. Although in my heart I will always be a Vermont printmaker; I need to follow my heart and soul.

So, I am moving my blog and website to a self hosted site. I have chosen the name Art and Soul Journey. I think it encompasses all of the goals I have for myself and my creative biz.

For me it's not only about offerring my own art to the world. My work is also about helping others find their creative and spiritual center. The center from which they can grow and move forward in their lives. As a psychotherapist, I walk along with people in their journey. I have not only found it to be a science, but an art. I am excited about joining these two loves of mine and moving forward by beginning to integrate them both.

In the future I have big plans to work with people in many medium and venues. So, please check out my new site and hop on board my Art and Soul Journey.

See you in my new digs,

Michelle Turbide

Monday, September 19, 2011

printing day video

Finally I had some time to finish my video from printing a few weeks ago. I think it shows some of the process. I often mix monotype and relief printing using stencils, everyday objects, and layers of color.

Hope you have a fabulous and creative day.

Monday, September 12, 2011

nature's joke

We found this tomato in our garden when we were harvesting. Such a funny thing nature. It makes everything a little bit different. I think that is the way life should be. Like snowflakes we are all unique and no one is quite like another, even when they are similar. I think art in that way as well.

Last year my ladies art group did a challenge and we each created a piece from the same photograph. It was amazing how everyone interpreted that photo differently. They were all beautiful in their unique and mystical way. I love that about life.


Here is to being different.

Friday, September 2, 2011

printing day...

I did tons of new work today. I am working on putting together a video of my printmaking process, so stayed tuned in the next few weeks.

Loving the Zen vibe lately. Sorry for the iffy pic but I wanted to get at least one of the new pieces out to you ASAP. I was feeling the zone today. Since I get only limited printing time I save up all my inspiration and ideas and go to town when the schedule allows. I guess that is one of the wonderful things I have learned as a parent. Take advantage of your creative time and make sure to use it wisely.

Looking forward to a long weekend. I am sure there are plenty of families in VT who are working hard to clean up their homes and businesses after the devastation of Irene. My heart goes out to you!

lotus love

Lotus Love, Monotype, 8x10


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How can I...

How can I take myself seriously when I have a small voice at my side reminding me of the joy in life.

Yesterday, I spent the day with my daughter. I was so excited to leave the house after a day of hurricane weather (BTW sending love to all those affected by Irene). So, Marielle and I headed into "town" to got the free library for a story reading. We had a blast; listening, singing, and then playing with the mass of puppets behind the theatre opening.

We walked outside with our tummies grumbling, ready to go out to lunch for our girls day. My stomach sank to the ground when I looked around and said "where is our car?" It took a minute for me to realize that my car was gone. Most likely towed as the lot was half empty. No doubt an end of the month city clean up to gain some revenue. But I had money in the meter! This was all I could mutter.

When I heard that small voice "The wind blew our car away....!"

My heart and soul laughed out loud as I realized what a three year old makes of her world when we just experienced the "big storm." How a simple heart puts two and two together and draws a conclusion. The one that makes the most sense to her.

Well, how can I take myself seriously? How can I be mad when I knew that I had some overdue parking tickets. Boy do they go up when you don't pay them for 10 years! How can I teach her how to "listen to the rules" if I don't do so myself. While a few years ago I would have thrown a temper tantrum; my meditation, yoga, and mindfulness kicked in full force assisting me in remaining calm and centered. I accepted responsibility and did the best I could to make it an adventure for my baby love. I made a mistake and now we had to just deal with it.

A long phone call and a cab ride later. We were in the car headed for some food. (Thank god for mommy big purses with snacks stuck inside!)

Yesterday was a lesson in remembering to accept responsibility and let go of control. I couldn't force anything. I had to let go and be flexible. For me and for her, I had to focus on the joy rather than getting angry and allowing that to ruin my day. Once again, that little voice reminded me that you can make an adventure out of the most unfortunate of events. BTW she adored riding in a cab and talking about our car going to jail because mommy didn't follow the rules. Another side lesson; even mommy makes mistakes.

Here is to not taking ourselves too seriously, letting go, and embracing joy.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

let me explain a little more.

So in re-reading my last post with some feedback, I realize that I have more to say on the subject. For many years, I denied who I was; an artist. I denied how important it was to express myself. I denied myself because of all the doubt and shame that kept me from standing up and shouting out my truth.

I think as a young girl and as a woman, like many others, I received messages about being demure, not speaking too loud, and the importance of putting others first. I learned practicality and settling on what is realistically obtainable rather than stretching myself and reaching for my dreams. It's not one thing or person in particular that created my fears and shame. Rather a combination of life experiences, cultural messages, and my own desire to please everyone. BTW, If you want a good book on shame and living life whole heartedly, make sure to read Brene Brown's book The Gifts of Imperfection. It is totally worth it.

As a newish mom, I am realizing that it is more important than ever to be true to who I am. To not apologize for my truth. To not apologize that I need time for me to lose myself in the creative process. If I don't have that, then I am only half a person. Half living. Half loving. And I want to live out loud people. I want to stretch myself and keep growing, as an artist, as a mother, as a wife, and as a woman.

That is not to say I shirk my responsibilities for taking care of me and mine. But, I have learned over the last few years how to prioritize. How to do a whole lot of creating in a short amount of time. How to capture fleeting moments and draw on them when I have studio time. In ways, it has made me more productive, more intuitive, and more stimulated.

So my last post was a declaration that I am not afraid to speak my truth anymore. (I find it useful to shout it out every once in a while.) To shout out that I will not apologize for being me and taking care of my need to create.

How do you take care of yourself? How do you make sure that not only is there a little left over for you but that you live out loud? Otherwise, how can we love the others in our lives fully?

So don't apologize anymore. My advice to you, make some time for yourself to nurture your passions and live out loud. I swear it is worth it.


Friday, August 26, 2011

forgive me for I am growing...

Well, I am not totally sorry that I am growing. But I know that those I love most get the me who is working on all of this. Who is thinking and processing. I am going through a growth spurt. I am learning about myself and what I want. I am learning again what I am capable of, what makes me laugh, what makes me inspired. As I continue to shed the layers of what others see of me, I am inspired to see what I see in me.

As this video says. "Never apologize for what you were born to be." So I am sorry for those who have to endure my changes, but those who love me tell me they understand. They understand that growing is a part of who I am and what they love about me.

What inspires you? what were you born to do? What would you do if you could do anything?