Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm Moving!

hello all!

I have been working hard to develop the vision for my artistic life and future. After a great deal of soul searching and exploring, I have decided to skip, run, and jaunt in a new direction. Although in my heart I will always be a Vermont printmaker; I need to follow my heart and soul.

So, I am moving my blog and website to a self hosted site. I have chosen the name Art and Soul Journey. I think it encompasses all of the goals I have for myself and my creative biz.

For me it's not only about offerring my own art to the world. My work is also about helping others find their creative and spiritual center. The center from which they can grow and move forward in their lives. As a psychotherapist, I walk along with people in their journey. I have not only found it to be a science, but an art. I am excited about joining these two loves of mine and moving forward by beginning to integrate them both.

In the future I have big plans to work with people in many medium and venues. So, please check out my new site and hop on board my Art and Soul Journey.

See you in my new digs,

Michelle Turbide